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1. IFORE builds capacity at grassroots level.
2. Provides cost free membership to anyone interested in educational research.
3. Does not allow charging of any registration fee for presentation of papers in its Webinars, Seminars, Virtual Conferences, Face to face mode Conferences, Focal Meetings, and participation in webinars, symposia etc..
4. Does not have any formal structure like President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. and membership certificate is issued by one of its founder members.
5. Maintains a Data Base of its Members along with a World Index of Area of Specialisation of Senior Researchers in Education that facilitates juniors seek support and guidance from their seniors.
6. Its effort to build capacity in individual researcher in Education will lead to formation of national / local level research initiatives.
7. Has an Open Access and peer reviewed E-Journal in which peer reviewers help the authors to improve their papers with inputs in form of further resources that are to be utilised for the improvement of the papers and the journal has its own Reference Style.
8. Operates through volunteer researchers and does not have any paid employment.
9. Promotes capacity building in individual researchers in Education, through virtual mode by its Senior Researchers in Education, in different nations, in their own time and space made available for the purpose and wherever possible, proposes to provide face to face consultation.
10. Brings out E-publications on international and regional and national trends in educational research and support materials for the benefit of researchers in Education.
11. Welcomes collaboration and academic support from Senior Researchers in Education working in international organisations like IIEP, UNESCO, UNDP, World Bank and regional organisations like Commonwealth of Learning, OECD and also national level organisations and international, regional and national level educational research associations.
  1. Its formal office address:
Flat 1, Beatitude Apartments 2, 61B Selvaraj Chettiar Street, Vaithkupam, Puducherry-605 012 INDIA.

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